The Debut of Otis

Simplicity and a fluid grid system lay the foundation for Style Hatch’s Otis premium Tumblr theme. We took a break from our more complex and highly customizable themes to focus on a minimal theme that gives you the freedom to install it and simply start creating and posting.

Otis Theme

Although the visual design and appearance might be simplistic, we went to great lengths to polish every detail, element and interaction for the largest resolution screens down to mobile devices. We also have features built in for social sharing, analytics, commenting, and social feeds. Continue on with the post to read about all the features or feel free to email us any question -

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You Just Have To Do Something

When we are presented with moments of crisis, large decisions or new opportunities often we find ourselves crippled by the lack of knowledge. We justify inaction with our insecurities in not knowing the right way to move forward. Or we trap ourselves in an endless search for knowledge to attempt to reassure our actions.

Over the course of my career and journey as an entrepreneur, I have learned that success and fulfillment is found when we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. There is tremendous value in having knowledge ahead of time—I am now CPR certified—but simply taking action is often what it takes.

You don’t have to do it right. You just have to do something.

A beautifully written story that will hopefully inspire you to action.  Success in life can be found by overcome your doubts and fears so that you can do something.